May 30, 2024

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4 Essentials to Travel with the Little Ones

Travelling is fun even if you are just driving to the next town to meet your family but when you are travelling with babies and toddlers then things become quite challenging, because let’s face it your baby or toddler and come to that even teenagers may not be in the mood to travel at all. That’s the big part of the problem, the rest boils down to how much time you had to plan your trip, the more the better because you can write down things and check things off that you already have. Though in this blog, we are going to talk about car seats for babies and toddlers, you will need food, their favourite snacks, water bottles, diapers and toys. When it comes to car seats and travel accessories then Mamas & Papas online store can solve all your car safety worries. Now checkout the top most essentials to travel securely with your little ones.

  1. Baby Seats & Toddler Seats

The best baby seats are with steel frames and cushioned padding inside to ensure your baby’s safety during car travel and come with impact protection features in case of a frontal collision. Joie Stages Adjustable Baby to Child Car Seat is a great budget buy as it can last your child up to 7 years of age whereas Sirona Z Plus Safe Manhattan can last your toddler from 0 to 4 years. And, while you are shopping them online, you should make big savings with the Amazon promo code KSA.

  1. Carrycots

For newborn babies, a carrycot offers a great solution as your baby can lie comfortably and sleep during your travels. It can last you up to three to four months and can also be used at home for secure napping. Choose a carrycot that’s compatible with a stroller so if you go shopping then you can easily attach the carrycot to the stroller, Ocarro Carrycot is a good choice though it fits in only with the Ocarro pushchair. Popular colours include the all-time black but besides that, you have plenty of great options with C/Cot Ocarro in Woven Grey, besides Navy, Midnight, Walnut whereas Strada Carrycot comes in grey mist and olive bronze.

  1. Changing Bags & Transit Bags

Instead of shoving all the things you need for your kids in your handbag, get a separate changing bag for your baby’s and toddler’s essentials. You can already stock it with a pair of clothing, wet wipes, diapers beforehand then all you will need to do is pack in feeders and eatables so you could be ready at a moment’s notice.

  1. Strollers

If you are planning to stay awhile at your destination then taking the stroller along is a good idea especially if you are planning to do a lot of walking like in shopping malls or your extended family’s neighbourhood. Your baby/toddler will be comfortable and you won’t tire yourself. If you need one then check out the new Airo Strollers such as Airo Sunshield & Insect Net, Airo Newborn Pack, Airo Pushchair before you make your purchase.